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How I Make Scrabble Wall Tiles

In this video, I will show you exactly how I make Scrabble Wall tiles - Start to Finish.  I realize that a scrabble tile is basically a rectangular block of wood with a letter and number on it, but there is really quite a bit to making them for your home decor....

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A Fusion 360 Interface Tutorial – Plus Navigation Tips

Hey, we're talkin' Fusion 360 again.  More specifically, the Fusion 360 Interface, including the application bar, toolbar, the viewcube, timeline, the model toolbox, as well as some navigation tips, and more. We'll even create a little bit of geometry. 🙂 This is the...

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How to Install Fusion 360

In this video, I am going to show you how you can get an awesome piece of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, Fusion 360... For FREE!!  I'll discuss the system requirements.  Plus, I'll show you how to download and install Fusion 360. There are some specific...

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Free Checklist for Spring Cleaning the Workshop

Spring is almost here, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere that means it's time to head back to the workshop.  Even though I have a heater in my workshop, it takes a while for it to warm up and it's expensive to run.  So I really don't spend a lot of time...

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Beginning Woodworking – Woodshop 101 Lesson 1

Teaching Beginning Woodworking to my Kids I recently began teaching 'Beginning Woodworking' to my sons, at least on a more formal basis than I had been.  My wife and I have been homeschooling them for quite a few years now.  They are 14 and 16 years old now and I...

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My First Christmas Season Experience on Etsy

A Bit About My Experience on Etsy (So Far) I just survived my first Christmas season experience on Etsy. I officially opened my Etsy store back in May of 2016 where I had a couple of initial sales, but then things died down quickly. And, honestly, my initial sales...

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A Great Way to Build Your Own CNC Router

An Unsolicited X-Carve Review Have you ever thought about trying to build your own CNC router?  I have been wanting to for a very long time.  It always seemed like it would be a neat experience, plus it would be a cheaper way to have a really cool tool. I used to...

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A Makers Guide to FREE Must Have Plugins for WordPress

Or 'My Top 11 Favorite FREE Plugins' There are certain must-have plugins for WordPress that, in my opinion, every WordPress site should have, or at least an equivalent counterpart.  Some have to do with security, some with site speed, some with site usability, and...

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Autodesk Fusion 360 Review: CAD for Makers

Or 'Autodesk Fusion 360 Review: An Outsiders Opinion' Before I get into this Autodesk Fusion 360 Review, I should let you know that I've been using various CAD systems for over 20 years now, but until recently, have never touched an Autodesk product.  This is not...

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Hello, my name is Dennis Caskey. I have been a hobbyist woodworker since 1999.

I have a day job, a mortgage, a home with an extra deep 2 stall garage, and a family to support. I have a lovely wife and two teenage boys who are now taller than me, (it is very hard for me to admit that).

Woodworking is a passion for me. For over 20 years I have worked in ..... Read More

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Wondering why “©”, “©”, or “©” may be appearing on the images of some of my posts?

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I am slowly working on changing the images to have “©” on them, but it is taking a while. It is not as high on my priority list as creating good content for my readers and viewers. Hope that clears up any confusion.

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