Make Scrabble Wall TilesIn this video, I will show you exactly how I make Scrabble Wall tiles – Start to Finish.  I realize that a scrabble tile is basically a rectangular block of wood with a letter and number on it, but there is really quite a bit to making them for your home decor.

Scrabble wall tiles are fun to make, but they do take quite a bit of time, especially if you have a lot of names/words to spell.

I start by using ArtCam to design and create the tool path for the engraving.  The tool path is then sent to my X-Carve CNC machine to cut the letters and numbers.

The process I use of making the scrabble tile letters and numbers to be black is quite unique.  Watch the video to see how I use sanding sealer and ink to make the letters & numbers nice & crisp.  This method is used to prevent any bleeding of the ink into the grain.

If you want to buy your own Scrabble Wall tiles, you can purchase them here.


Tools/Products used to Make Scrabble Wall Tiles

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