Making scrabble tiles for wall art is very popular right now.  They are fun to make, and really spruce up that empty wall space.

Making Scrabble tiles for home decor is not as easy as one might think.  It’s more than just a rectangular piece of wood with some paint on it.  Let me show you how I go about the process.

This video is just a quick peek at the process I use.  I will have a full video coming up soon.

Making Scrabble TilesAre you look to purchase some Scrabble Wall Tiles of your own?  I sell them both on Etsy and on my website.  Check out these links:

Interested in making scrabble tiles on your own?  I will have a much longer video showing the entire process coming out soon.  Subscribe to my channel or sign up on my website to be notified of new posts so you don’t miss it.

Tools I use when making Scrabble Tiles in this video:



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