My Tool Box

The things I use to do what I do.

My Resource Toolbox

This is a peek into my toolbox, not just the physical tools of my workshop, but the virtual tools as well.  These are the tools that make designing, making and blogging fun!!

I don’t promote these just because they are an affiliate (which some of them are), but because I actually use these tools and services for my own business.  I won’t list anything here that I don’t both use and like.

This is an ever growing and changing resource toolbox.  Be sure to check back often as I will continue to add to it.

Design Tools

Fusion 360

A really full featured Computer Aided Design (CAD) system.  It does everything I need it to, plus a whole lot more!

Fusion 360


Great software for woodworkers & makers, featuring V-Carving, Engraving, and CNC cutting 3D images.


Resource Toolbox

Space Mouse

A space mouse makes navigating a CAD workspace so much easier.  Not using one feels like having a hand tied behind my back.

3D Connexion Space Mouse

Woodworking Tools


Woodpeckers is a great tool source.  I especially love their “One Time” tools.  Great quality and service/



The X-Carve is a good starter CNC router.  I have the 1000mm version and I use it all the time.


Tools Today

I buy CNC router bits from Tools Today all the time. Good customer service, quick delivery, and quality router bits.

tools Today

Blogging Tools

A2 Hosting

Web hosting that is actually good, fast, and willing to help you when you have a problem

A2 Hosting


Domain names for less $$.  When you have several to buy it does make a difference. Great service!

Cheap Domain Names

Elegant Themes

Divi is the easiest theme to customize that I have ever used.  All of my sites are based on it.

Elegant Themes

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