Spring is almost here, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere that means it’s time to head back to the workshop.  Even though I have a heater in my workshop, it takes a while for it to warm up and it’s expensive to run.  So I really don’t spend a lot of time in the shop during the winter.  I usually run out there to do something really quick and then head back into the warmth.


Hey, Dennis Caskey here from DennisCaskey.com. So it’s almost spring and I am really looking forward to it. My workshop is in my garage and so it’s very cold out here, so I don’t do a lot of woodworking during the wintertime. Although I do have a heater, it takes awhile to warm up, not to mention it costs me more to run it.

Anyway, springtime is coming and I know there’s going to be a lot of woodworking coming as well. Then I got to thinking, you know, most people do some sort of spring cleaning around the house right? What am I going to do around the shop to get it ready for spring?

I’ve got three things I really want to do. One is obviously to clean the shop. There’s dust everywhere; on top of everything; on top of every shelf. You walk around here and dust just floats up.

So it’s definitely one thing i want to do. I’ve gotta get rid of the dust It’s bad for you. There’s a ton of reasons to get rid of dust.

Another thing I want to do while I’m dusting everything is I want to kind of organize the shop. I want to move some tools around to have a better work flow.

I’m also going to get rid of some things. I’ve got junk up on shelves that I just don’t want and there I’ve got better things that I could put there, jigs or whatever.

There’s certainly some tools that I just don’t use anymore. I don’t need them anymore. I need to get rid of them. It almost hurts to say that. 🙂

The third thing would be some tool tune-up. I have some tools that need some tender loving care before the the humid weather comes. I need to get some wax on some of the cast iron tops.

I don’t want any rust. Rust, as they say, leads to the darkside (chuckle).

So those are the three things that I plan on doing for spring cleaning to get ready for some real woodworking.

Now that winter is over here are 3 tasks to prepare your shop for the next few seasons.

  • Clean up the shop.
    • sweep up or vacuum the dust
    • move your tools if you can and clean behind them
    • Dust off stuff that is up on shelves
  • Organize the shop.
    • While you are moving stuff around to clean
    • Get rid of old stuff that just takes up space – donate old tools you don’t use
    • move your tools around to be more efficient
  • Tool tune up
    • Not only should you clean your tools but you should protect them.
    • Summer time brings humidity, and humidity leads to rust.
    • Humidity is the path to the dark side. Humidity leads to rust. Rust leads to spending money. Spending money leads to suffering….


I’m curious, what do you do in the spring time to get ready for woodworking?

I don’t know maybe you don’t do anything. Maybe you’re down south and you don’t go out the shop in the summertime. maybe it’s a vice versa for you.

Let me know I invite you to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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